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Disabled lift lightning rod in the production, the general use of steel, the needle hit the flat top, seal or can reasonably be made a pointed shape by welding, after the completion of the lightning rod production, zinc can moderate the heat, while the use of welded or bolted connected lightning and deflectors.


Disabled lift corrosion when welding is required to operate in the weld, using two galvanized bolts no less than to impose a certain relaxation washer reinforcement to achieve attachment bolts, connecting deflectors can be connected through the use of multi-strand copper wire or steel body with wire jumper connection with the right mix to achieve, by the professional staff to complete grounding grounding device.

Disabled lift usually spaced five meters using three 2.5-meter-long pipe into the ground or vertical angles are 0,5 meters depth of burial, to achieve artificial grounding, while flat steel welded connection between the upper, lead and deflectors connection, consisting of a set of corresponding grounding.


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